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Review of Crop Sciences Institutes under NICRA by Expert Committee on 12th Feb 2018




           A one day Review of Technical Programme of Crop Science partner institutes under NICRA was held at NASC, New Delhi on 12.02.2018. Dr K Alagusundaram, DDG, NRM chaired the session and co-chaired by Dr S Bhaskar, ADG (AAF&CC) and Dr TR Sharma, Executive Director, National Agri-Food Biotech. Mohali & Expert Committee member. There were about 12 presentations by IARI, NRRI, IIRR, NRCPB, CRIDA, ICAR-NEH, IIWBR, NBPGR, IIPR, IIMR, NIASM & NCIPM. PIs and Co-PIs from each institute participated and made the presentations. Emphasis was made to make optimum use of infrastructure facilities established at several institutes. It was also felt that the varieties/hybrids identified so far should be tested at multi locations for early release as climate smart varieties. The intermediary products viz., Germplasm lines, Parental lines, QTLs identified, Genes identified for different traits should be documented. The manpower and budget requirements was also discussed for each institute. The meeting was hosted by IARI, New Delhi.



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