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Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS

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Title Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS
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Creator Rajender Parsad
Subject Statistical Computing, Service Oriented Computing, Statistical Methodology, Statistics, Statistical Packages
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Statistical computing provides a strong base for any scientific investigation and enables to
answer quantitative biological questions so that the amount of information generated is
maximized. The present project on Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS
(SSCNARS) funded by NAIP of ICAR targets at providing research guidance in statistical
computing and creating sound and healthy statistical computing environment through advanced,
versatile, innovative and state-of the-art high end statistical packages for analysis of data so as to
enable drawing meaningful and valid inferences and converting research output into knowledge.
This consortium has been implemented in 3-tier structure with first tier as lead centre, 08 NARS
organizations as Statistical Computing Hubs and 142 other NARS organizations as nodes; signed
MOU with each NARS organization for the enhanced usage of the environment created which
has resulted into effective collaboration among all NARS organizations. This effort is unique in
the sense that all NARS organizations are linked with each other. This has empowered the
statisticians and other researchers by providing the facilities of statistical computing to them as is
available at premier Institutes. It has provided the statisticians an opportunity to interact with
each and every researcher of NARS through training programmes and e-resources.
Statistical Computing labs have been established at lead Centre (with 20 desktop computers) and
at 08 other Statistical Computing Hubs (with 10 desktop computers at each hub).
General purpose Statistical Software Package(s) SAS EAS, JMP and JMP Genomics have been
procured with 151 licenses (100 Standalone and 50 Intranet Based) + SAS Enterprise Business
Intelligence Server with all modules of SAS Intranet based for perpetual use with three years
updates and upgrades by 151 different NARS Organizations. It can be installed on multiple
official machines. The software is installed on more than 2750 computers of 151 NARS
organizations (on an average more than 18 computers per NARS organization). More than 200
researchers/nodal officers from 151 NARS organizations have been trained through 35
Orientation-cum-Installation Training Programmes. This activity has ensured that trained
manpower to install the software is available at all the NARS organizations.
Capacity building efforts have been made through organization of training programmes
including subject specific ones, preparing e-manuals and case studies made available at subproject
website for rejuvenating statistical thinking and use of
appropriate advanced statistical techniques in agricultural research and teaching. For creating a
base for resource persons, 209 trainers have been trained through 30 working days training
programmes on SAS: A Comprehensive Overview and SAS Genetics/JMP Genomics and 6
days training programme on Data Analysis Using SAS across 85 NARS organizations.
In order to provide customized training to researchers in NARS, 2166 research personnel have
been trained on Data Analysis using SAS through 104 training programmes of one week
duration each including 37 trainings at different organizations and 15 subject specific
customized training programmes for specific needs of different institutions. 164 researchers
have been trained by nodal officers at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore and
NRCAF, Jhansi; IGFRI, Jhansi; Junagarh Agricultural University, Junagarh. (156 research scholars and 90 RA/SRFs) have also been trained.
To sensitize the scientists in NARS with the statistical computing capabilities available for
enhancing their computing and research analytics skills, organized 21 sensitization workshops
at different NARS organizations. For efficient and effective use of Internet Technologies for
delivering lectures to save funds and resources, several Webinar sessions were organized in
collaboration with CRIDA, Hyderabad where the licenses for Webinar sessions have been
procured. Webinar sessions were also organized through the use of Social Networking Tools
(Google Hangouts).
For providing service oriented computing, developed and established Indian NARS Statistical
Computing portal, which is available to NARS users through IP authentication at It is a paradigm of computing techniques that operate on
software-as-a-service. There is no need of installation of statistical package at client side.
Twenty-four different modules of analysis of data are available on this portal. These modules can
be used by uploading *.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv and *.txt files and results can be saved as *.RTF or
*.pdf files. This has helped the researchers in NARS in analyzing their data in an efficient
manner without losing any time. The portal is extensively being used throughout NARS and has
helped the researchers in analyzing their data without losing any time. INDIAN NARS
STATISTICAL COMPUTING PORTAL (both content and software) are copyrighted material
of ICAR with copyright numbers: L-55719/2013 and SW-7397/2013 issued on October 25, 2013
by Registrar, Copyrights. Some other IP authenticated services like Web Report Studio, BI
DashBoard, Web OLAP Viewer, E-Miner 6.1, E-Miner 7.1 have also been provided to the
researchers of NARS.
For creation of research data repository and standardization of analysis of data for All-India
Coordinated Sorghum Crop Improvement Project, a prototype has been developed by NAARM,
Hyderabad and IASRI, New Delhi in collaboration with Directorate of Sorghum Research
Hyderabad. This system was made operational and now made available at This would be shifted to IASRI, New Delhi after validation and
testing. The prototype for automation of All India Coordinated Sorghum Improvement Project
needs to be scaled up to cover all AICRPs through a separate mega network project for paving
the way for developing research data repositories, standardizing the analytical modules and
saving on time and resources. Already work in collaboration with AICRP on Vegetable Crops
has been initiated.
For customized analysis, macros for analysis of augmented designs, split-split plot designs, split
factorial designs, strip plot designs, econometric analysis (diversity indices, instability index,
compound growth rate, Garret scoring technique and demand analysis using LA-AIDS model)
have been developed and made available on the project website which are being extensively by
Reference manuals have been prepared for the benefit of the researchers which include live
examples from different areas of agriculture, animal and fisheries research illustrating the
power of newer statistical computing techniques and are made available at the website of subproject.
These include Data Analysis Using SAS, Genetics/ Genomics Data Analysis Using
SAS, Data Analysis in Social Sciences Research Using SAS, Data Mining Using SAS, Data
Analysis of Agroforestry Experiments Using SAS, Data Analysis of Natural Resources
Management Research Using SAS; Data Analysis of Farm Implements and Machinery
Research; Data Analysis in Dairy Sciences Research; Data Analysis Using R.
The capacity building efforts have paved the way for publishing research papers in the high
impact factor journals. Based on feedback received from NARS organizations, 173 research
reports, 260 research papers have been published / accepted for publication (in journals like
Animal Food Science and Technology, Field Crops Research, Journal of Food Engineering,
Euphytica, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, etc.) by analyzing the data using high end
statistical computing facility (out of these 260 research papers, 135 are in Journals with NAAS
rating 6.0); more than 300 students have used this in their dissertations; 1700 students have
used in their course work. The number of data sets analyzed is more than 6000 across NARS.
Nodal officer from CMFRI, Kochi has reported a saving of 20 man months in compilation of data
related to Marine Fish Household Census 2010 consisting of 10 lakh households with 16
attributes. Website of the project is being maintained and updated regularly. Website has been
registered under google analytics on November 15, 2010. Till March 31, 2014 there were 43,239
page views across 529 cities of 82 countries. Average time on page is 3.03 minutes. The total hits
to the portal are: 1,97,816 since April 01, 2011, which amounts to more than 100 hits per day.
Based on the user logged information, the total number of logged in users from Indian NARS
since March 2012 are 24,926. It has been included in the FOCARS training programmes
conducted by NAARM, Hyderabad and 799 scientists have been sensitized about the capabilities
of the software and data analysis using SAS. Also 211 scientists were sensitized through
Refresher Courses conducted at NAARM, Hyderabad about data analysis using SAS.
The high end Statistical Computing Package procured with perpetual license can be used till
hardware and operating systems would support the versions available as on June 29, 2013.
Hence, the statistical computing environment created would be useful in all future research
endeavours. The capacity building efforts made are expected to have a multiplier effect. The
activities of Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS are proposed in EFC for XII Plan of
IASRI and would be continued in project mode from April 01, 2014. This would facilitate
implementation of updating license files, resolving maintenance issues and maintenance of
service oriented computing modules. To further harness the benefits of the healthy statistical
computing environment created and meeting the future requirements, the activities of enhancing
Statistical Computing for NARES may be continued in the form of a network project with
provision of appropriate funds. It would also help in strengthening of Indian NARS Statistical
computing portal by adding more modules of statistical analysis of data to culminate into a
service oriented computing resource for standardization of statistical analysis of data. Capacity
building efforts in statistical concepts and statistical computing need to be pursued on continuing
basis including international exposure for synthesizing various statistical packages into the
basket. More statistical packages including freeware may be brought under this umbrella. In
future, for procurement of statistical packages as per requirement and updates and upgrades of
the existing ones, enough provision of funding need to be made.Not Available
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Date 2016-10-21T04:59:46Z
Type Project Report
Identifier Rajender Parsad. 2014. Final Report of NAIP sub-project ‘Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS’,. Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Library Avenue, Pusa, New Delhi
Language English
Relation I.A.S.R.I./P.R.-09/2014;
Publisher ICAR-IASRI, Library Avenue, Pusa, New Delhi