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Title IASRI Vision 2030
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Subject Agricultural Statistics, Design of Experiments, Sample Survey, Statistical Genetics, Computer Applications, Bioinformatics,
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Agricultural research is a very complex phenomenon and the elements of uncertainty are most prevalent. Because of the large variability inherent in biological and agricultural data, knowledge of statistical sciences and computer application are necessary for their understanding, interpretation
and drawing valid inferences. Ever since its inception, IASRI has been mainly responsible for
conducting research in Agricultural Statistics to bridge the gaps in the existing knowledge. It has also been providing education/training in Agricultural Statistics and Computer Applications to develop trained manpower in the country. This research and education is used in improving the quality and meeting the challenges of agricultural research in newer emerging areas. The functions and activities of the Institute have been re-defined from time to time in the past. The Council has recently decided that all the Institutes should revise their Perspective Plan in the form of Vision 2030. The Vision document brings out the achievements made, the gaps in research that could not be undertaken and clearly spells out the research programmes to be undertaken in the coming years till the year 2030. The programmes have been identified keeping in mind the newer developments taking place, particularly the technological and informatics developments, both at National and International level. Road map for research programmes need to be carried out in the specified time scale and support required for meeting these challenges are clearly spelt out. Accordingly, the Institute has done an
exercise to prepare the Vision 2030 document. This document provides the mandate to be followed in the coming years. A brief discussion on the research achievements made in Agricultural Statistics and Computer Applications have been outlined. Based on certain issues and strategies, research programmes of the Institute have been identified. The main emphasis has been on the statistical issues of national interest in various emerging areas of biotechnology, bioinformatics, biodiversity, genomics, market intelligence, risk analysis, natural resources accounting and information communication technology. With a proper review, reporting and evaluation of these programmes, it is fervently hoped that the Institute would be able to fulfil its mandate, partly generate resources for its research programmes and remain a leader in research and education in Agricultural Statistics and Informatics and exhibit its indispensability in National Agricultural Research System and National
Agricultural Statistics System. In an effort to continue the glorious traditions of the Institute, efforts
to maintain a judicious balance of basic and innovative applied research and also to expand the horizon of the teaching and training programmes have been envisaged. The Institute would delve on developing roadmaps on combating the major concerns of depleting natural resources, climate change, uncertainties of economy and marketing by addressing the statistical issues involved in it. This would be beneficial in building a bridge between the statisticians, informatics experts and the farm scientists so as to bring prosperity to the farmers. The Institute would undertake research in newer
emerging areas with fresh vigor and zeal.
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Date 2016-11-07T04:53:03Z
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Publisher ICAR-IASRI, Library Avenue, Pusa, New Delhi