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Title IASRI Vision 2050
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Subject Agricultural Statistics, Design of Experiments, Sample Survey, Statistical Genetics, Computer Applications, Bioinformatics,
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Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (IASRI) is a pioneer Institute undertaking research, teaching and training in Agricultural Statistics, Computer Application and Bioinformatics. The Institute has used the power of Statistics, as a science, blended judiciously with Information Technology and has contributed significantly in improving the quality of Agricultural Research. In the context of changing national and international scenario, the Institute has to further gear up its research activities to meet the challenges of research and education in Agricultural Statistics along with allied fields and Informatics so
as to meet the challenges of agricultural research in newer emerging areas. The Vision 2050 document of the Institute highlights the achievements made, the gaps in research that could not be undertaken and the research programmes to be undertaken in the coming years, keeping in mind the newer developments taking place, particularly the technological and informatics developments, both
at National and International level, till the year 2050. The efforts are to become responsive, vibrant and sensitive to the needs of agricultural researchers, research managers and planners. It is hoped that the Institute would be able to fulfil its mandate, partly generate resources for its research programmes and remain a leader in research and education in Agricultural Statistics and Informatics and exhibit its indispensability in National Agricultural Research System.
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Date 2016-11-07T04:53:14Z
Type Vision Document
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Publisher ICAR-IASRI, Library Avenue, Pusa, New Delhi