Extension Activies

FrontLine Demonstrations

The Indian Institute of Maize research (IIMR) is implementing frontline demonstration (FLD) programme, which is funded by ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. In FLDs, notified/ recommended maize hybrids / varieties along with full package of practices and other technologies of maize are demonstrated at farmers' field in unit acre of land under close supervision of scientists for improving production and productivity of maize. FLDs were conducted in 2433 acres of land during rabi 2011-12, 788 acres in spring 2012 and 4835 acres in kharif 2012. Around 8000 farmers were were directly benefitted from the programme. These demonstrations were laid out in twenty-three states by forty-six centres/agencies/NGOs. Public sector maize hybrids/ varieties DHM 117, HM 5, PMH 1, JH 3459, Nithyashree, Hema, Rajarshi, Co H (M) 5, DMH 849, PEHM 2, PEEHM 5, Vivek 9, Vivek 21, Vivek 23, Vivek 33, Vivek 39, Vivek 45, HQPM 1, HQPM 5, Shaktiman 2, Shaktiman 3, Shaktiman 4, Vivek QPM 9, HM 4, Bajaura sweet corn and Bajaura pop corn were demonstrated. Besides hybrids/ varieties, seed production technology of single cross hybrid (Vivek QPM 9), production technology of normal maize, Quality Protein Maize, baby corn, sweet corn and pop corn were demonstrated at farmers' field. An average grain yield of 5638 kg/ha, 5100 kg/ha and 4603 kg/ha was obtained in FLDs during rabi 2011-12, spring 2012 and kharif 2012 respectively. Thus an average grain yield of 4959 kg/ha was obtained which showed an increase of 100.12 per cent over all India average yield of maize.