Welcome to Maize Germplasm Decision Support Database

Maize Germplasm Decision Support Database is an attempt to document the available maize germplasm along with select traits that have a direct bearing on the breeding for crop improvement. The database houses a digital imagery of the tassel type and the ear for each of the accessions. The database is equipped with a general search facility and also trait filters which enable search of the germplasm accessions by either single filter or combination of filters. The database has been programmed to collate the documented traits and also the images of tassel and ear to help the scientists in decision support for crossing programme. The database will be continually updated with documentation of more such germplasm for maize crop improvement.


What We Do

Basic and strategic research aimed at enhancement of productivity and production of maize,including specialty corn.

Coordination of multi-disciplinary and multilocation research to identify appropriate technologies for varied agro-climatic conditions.

Dissemination of improved technologies, capacity building and developing linkages.