Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: If the file of an Institutional publication is linked on Institute website, then also is it necessary to upload file on ICAR Publication and Data Inventory Repository.
ICAR Publication repository maintains metadata in proper format and makes it globally searchable. Further the location/link of file uploaded on Institute website may change with change in URL of the Institute website or layout of website. The copyright of Institutional publication is with ICAR. Therefore, it is advisable to enter metadata and file (preferably searchable pdf) of all Institutional publications.

Q.2: My password for domain E-mail ID for Nodal Officer has expired. What steps should I follow to reset my password.
  1. Please go to
  2. Use Nodal officer E-mail ID and earlier password.
  3. Another screen with four text boxes would appear.
  4. In the first text box enter E-mail ID, in the second old password and in 3rd enter new password and in 4th confirm new password.
  5. Now your password is changed and now with Nodal Officer E-mail ID and new password you are authorized to log in to KRISHI Portal.
  6. In case of difficulty please write to In subject of E-mail, please write Institute name: Reset Nodal Officer E-mail ID and in text please do write Nodal Officer E-mail ID.

Q.3: My data sheet contains details on AAdhar/Mobile numbers. Can it be uploaded?
Personal details including Aadhar/Mobile number should not be uploaded in any file

Q.4: How can I get the URI number from ICAR Publication and Data Inventory Repository?
Submit a publication in ICAR Publication and Data Inventory Repository. After submission, it goes to Work Flow, once it is approved by Officer Incharge Data Management of Your Institute, an E-mail get generated and sent to your inbox along with URI. Alternatively, after log in, this can also be seen from the button View Accepted Submissions