This repository makes available all types of publications including reports, bulletins, research papers, web resources, media resources etc. from all ICAR institutions. However, due to IPR related issues, some of the resources may not be available in open access.

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Dr. S. Ayyappan
Secretary(DARE) & Director General(ICAR)
Dr. J.S. Sandhu
Phone: 011-23382545,
Dr. A.K. Sikka
DDG(Natural Resource Management)
Ph: 011-25848364
Dr. N.K. Krishna Kumar
DDG (Horticultural Science)
Ph.- 011-25842068
Email :
Dr. K.M.L. Pathak
DDG(Animal Science)
Ph: 011-23381119
Dr. (Mrs) B. Meenakumari
DDG (Fisheries Science)
Ph: 011-25846738
Dr. K. Alagusundaram
DDG (Agri. Engg.)
Ph: 011-25843415
Dr. A.K. Singh
DDG(Agri. Extn.)
Ph: 011-25843277
Dr. Arvind Kumar
DDG(Education)/Addl Charge
Ph: 011-25841760

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KRISHI - Knowledge based Resources Information Systems Hub for Innovations in agriculture, is an initiative of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) to bring its knowledge resources on a to all stakeholders at one place. The portal is being developed as a centralized data repository system of ICAR consisting of Technology, Data generated through Experiments/ Surveys/ Observational studies, Geo-spatial data, Publications, Learning Resources etc.